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Treat yourself or a friend to the ultimate flying experience. You will be accompanied by a fully qualified instructor who will help fly you around some of the best coastline and scenery in the UK.  Whether it be the stunning Snowdonia Mountain Range, Popular tourist locations such as Llandudno, Pwllheli, Caernarfon etc, or our most popular flight; your house from the air!   We offset all carbon dioxide emissions from our trial flights with ClimateCare! Before you arrive at the airfield be sure to contact us to confirm that conditions are suitable for flying.  Low cloud, fog, and heavy rain may interrupt normal flying services. CB4729A9-DF0C-462A-BFE1-1CE767DBE401

                     Your Trial Lesson

On the day of your flight, you no doubt will be feeling excited and quite possibly nervous too. Snowdon from the air Don’t Panic! We have all been there before. Our friendly members will make you feel at home and our instructor will explain what is going to happen during your flight. We ask that you arrive at the airfield in plenty of time for your flight, a minimum of 30 minutes prior to your flight. You will be shown the aircraft in which you will be flying, given time to settle into the left seat, where you will be shown all the different instruments we use and the importance of them. Once you and the instructor are settled and strapped in, it’s chocks away! Whilst taxiing to the runway you will be shown all the different checks that we perform prior to any flight leaving the ground. This is to ensure utmost pilot and passenger safety. After the checks, it’s off down the runway at 70mph and into the sky!

You will be taught the basics of flying, how to turn the aircraft, how to climb and descend, or if you prefer, you can sit back and enjoy the views and take as many pictures as you like! When the flight is over your instructor will land the aircraft and by this time we’re sure you will want to go and do it again. If this is so, then you can enquire about learning to fly and the flight you have just taken will be counted towards acquiring your wings.

Click below to buy a voucher online, it will be e-mailed for you to download, you can print it off for use in a gift card as required, or it can be saved to your phone. Please phone Mona Flying Club to arrange a date and time for your flight on 01407 720581 or email us at The flying club phone is on answer during the week, messages will be picked up at the weekend, if you wish to talk to an instructor to book your flight please call on a Saturday/Sunday.

Your voucher will last for six months from the date of purchase, although it will be extended (by us only) due to prolonged bad weather.

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