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Mona Flying club

        Weekday Flying

Flying Light Aircraft from RAF Mona

The flying of Light Aircraft from RLG Mona is allowed by the RAF solely in compliance with the letter of agreement between the Station Commander at RAF Valley and the Chairman of Mona Flying Club.

A copy of this agreement is permanently displayed on the Club notice board. The following is a summary of the requirements of the agreement and must be adhered to AT ALL TIMES.

All light aircraft flying from Mona must be piloted by a person who is a current member of the flying club and such flying must not interfere with RAF flying operations. For all such flights aircraft MUST have £7.5 million Crown Indemnity insurance cover.

Therefore, normally, MFC aircraft are only permitted to fly when RAF operations are not in progress. However single flights into or out of Mona MAY OCCASIONALLY be permitted during RAF operation. ALL such flights REQUIRE PRIOR AUTHORISATION by the ATC Supervisor at Valley – Contacted via telephone on 01407762241 Ext 7462.

During all such flights strict compliance with radio instructions from both the Mona Tower controller on 119.175 MHz and Valley Approach on 125.225 MHz MUST be observed.

Low level approaches and departures, at 500 feet agl, must be executed (unless otherwise instructed) particularly within either the Mona or Valley MATZ. Contact with Valley Approach must be made BEFORE MATZ entry.

After permission has been obtained from the ATC Supervisor at Valley and before take off the intended flight details must be sent by text to 07764 582970 for inclusion in the MFC flight log. The text message should include the Aircraft Registration, Names of persons on board, Destination, Date, Time and time of expected return. As per the following example: G-BILS Frankland Lloyd EGCK 06/01/2011 11:30 return 14:00.

When the RAF is not conducting operations at Mona and MFC are controlling traffic using their own equipment and frequency on 118.95MHz all such operations require a ground radio operator and radio contact must be established BEFORE taxing out for an outbound take off and flight or BEFORE AT Zone entry when making an approach to land. All such movements MUST be logged on the Operations Log sheets adjacent to the radio Transceiver.

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